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In this day of cell phones, texting, and emails, many of us have difficulty with face to face contact. Greater Issaquah Toastmasters Club can come to the rescue. We provide the time-tested program, the environment, and the friendly faces to help you overcome your fears of public speaking. Our club can even help you move on to a professional speaking level, if you so choose.

The Greater Issaquah Toastmasters Club was formed on the Sammamish Plateau 26 years ago. Our club has members from all backgrounds, ages, and cultures.

For many of our club members, English is a second language, and they are working on their pronunciation and syntax, so that their speech is easier to understand. Other club members work for large corporations or government entities and want to improve their presentations and general communication skills on the job.

Some members are new and so shy that they shake with fear when asked to speak in front of a group. These individuals desperately want to get over this paralyzing fear, so that their opinions and ideas can be heard.

Each and every one of these people can improve their public speaking skills quickly, if they follow the Toastmasters program.

Our club comes together in the spirit of friendship and helpfulness. If as a member or even a guest visiting the club, you don’t deliver a speech or a table topic as well as you had hoped, there are no consequences – just more encouragement. When you give a presentation at one of our club meetings, this will be one of the few times in your life that you are allowed to make mistakes without any repercussions.

In our club we have people interested in writing, informing, persuading, networking, performing, reading, or just communicating with others. We include everybody with no prerequisites.

Joining Greater Issaquah Toastmasters Club is not expensive – probably the best deal going. It costs $48 every six months, about $2 per meeting. For that, you receive attention, encouragement, evaluations, and friendship. What more could you ask for?


Here are some testimonials from current members:

Madeline Wall

Throughout my career, my fear of speaking in front of groups limited my opportunities.  I didn’t even consider positions that required any kind of public speaking.  I knew about Toastmasters, but even that sounded too scary to me.  Finally in my 50s, after a painful presentation experience at work, I decided it was time.  Greater Issaquah Toastmasters club welcomed me and provided a safe place to learn and practice public speaking.  Club members gave me feedback that helped me improve with each speech.  Now I no longer run from speaking opportunities at work or in my community activities.  In addition to public speaking, I found out that Toastmasters also teaches leadership skills.  Every meeting offers opportunities to practice skills such as listening, facilitating, delegating, and giving feedback.  I even found myself serving as our club president last year, which is something I never would have imagined myself doing when I tentatively walked into my first Toastmasters meeting.

Madeline Wall, ALB, ACB
VP Education, Greater Issaquah Toastmasters, 2014-2015

Debbie-TreenI originally joined Toastmasters because I felt my inexperience with speaking was holding me back in my career. Following the speaker manuals and receiving feedback from a supportive group has really helped me gain more confidence, plus learn practical ways to be more effective when speaking.

Debbie Treen, CC


When I first joined Toastmmarilynasters, I had a high-level of anxiety if I had to speak in front of a group. Now, after three years in the program, I had the confidence necessary to teach some training classes at my company for a software implementation, even though I am not a professional trainer. Thank you Toastmasters.

Marilyn Williams-Jordan, ACB, ALB
Division D Governor, District 2, 2014-2015



With my entire career having been in sales and management, I was often told that I was pretty good when it came to making customer presentations as well as presenting internally. However, I never quite felt as comfortable as I would have liked.  Having been invited to attend a toastmasters meeting about two years ago I now find myself feeling much more comfortable in both giving prepared speeches as well as when called upon to give an impromptu talk, or Table Topics as we refer to them. The Toastmasters experience will only continue to help me In my personal and professional development.

Bruce Follansbee, CC



When I first joined Toastmasters, I never thought I would be able to speak in front of people. For the first couple of months, I used to sit in the back row, and watch other people talk. Gradually, I gathered courage to stand in front of people and start talking. I may not be at my best yet but obviously I am improving. There are other great speakers in the club who can help newbies like me to attain their full potential.

Subash Gautam, P.E.
VP Membership, Greater Issaquah Toastmasters, 2016-2016


I joined Toastmasters for practice vocalizing and head shotworking through issues that resulted from a medical emergency and surgery that I went through 4 years ago. The past two years in toastmasters have helped me to enunciate more clearly, improve my volume and clarity, and to think more quickly when speaking for an impromptu situation. The opportunity to practice often in the welcoming and supportive environment that Greater Issaquah Toastmasters provides is invaluable.

Portia Wilcock
Public Relations Officer, Greater Issaquah Toastmasters, 2015-2016

I was always so shJane G Photoy and self conscious that I couldn’t speak to a group without feeling sick beforehand – sometimes for days. If I had to speak I had to write it down and read it, because my mind would go blank. After receiving my Masters Degree, becoming a seasoned landscape architect, and writing a gardening column in the newpaper, I should be able to speak. Right? NO! I couldn’t. After two years in Toastmasters, I’m speaking without notes and without fear. I am so excited about that. It changed my life.

Jane Garrison, CC, CL
President, Greater Issaquah Toastmasters, 2015-2016


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